Truth be told about me

Truth be told abot me

Things you coul never dream to know

Wind is a trusty treasure that makes me feel free

Flying away across the unwavering sea

Discovering te things you never knew about me

Have a notebook hand ready to go

As I let my words go with the flow

Sometimes dream about where I will be

Ticking of clocks say time will show

When times are tough I want to flee

And replace that feeling with undying glee

But sometimes I cannot see

Over the shady shadow

That hides the true me


My shadow is like a curtain or a cape

Acting as a cover providing an escape

From pain of being treated like a flea

For being the real me

So instead I hide behind this shifting shape

So I won't feel the scrape

Of their disapproving gape

Of when I forget which me they see

And show them a glimpse of the real me

There are a few who know the true me

Even though I am free to be me

They don't know me entirely

Cause I have yet to discover fully

The truth to be told about me




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