They never see me, the boys in my classes.

I sit right beside one, smiling and laughing at his outrageous stories. 

Our eyes lock as he exams the room

He gives me a soft smile that makes me lose my breath for a moment

Realization hits me like a storm, 

Its not me he wants. 

It never is. 

They remind me of why I am so happy. 

Strange is it not? 

Looks are just that, there are no hidden meanings, no loving gazes

It reminds me why my soul is pure

Non existent feelings to deal with, I can focus on myself as an individual

I, am an independent women, not one that needs a man to feel confident

Allowing my understanding of the world's happenings

Influencing my life with positive vibes

Whatever I do, its for me

My character grew along with my age

It is not what I understood, but what I did

This social perception

Am I pretty? 

Not but many standards

But that is alright

They tell me to be confident, yet they tear me down

I do not listen

To the hateful sound

continuing to strive

For my assignments are due

I am me

The beautiful girl that lets no boy talk down to her

That respects herself as an individual

Who ignores the looks I get when I don't curl my hair everyday

it was a bad day

Strenght is what I've gained

Through the halls of this never ending game

I rise, with more mindfullness every time

We are beautiful

Even if the boys beside us do not see it 





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