Behind These Eyes

Behind these eyes are hidden lies,
That nobody has ever realized.
But why hide between those hidden lies?
There's no one really by my side
Tired of wearin a paper bag, coverin up what's behind my smiles.
I put a smile on my face, hiding a disguise, that I dont want the people of the world to trace.
I've lost my heart, and my thoughts been misplaced.
Nothing lays here but a hurt child
I've seen my past, somethings that didnt last.
And my future, i wonder everyday who'll ill be.
I wish it was something I can see.
So as i live life in this present,
till this day,
I pray to god hoping it'll get better each and everyday.
I cant continue on faking a smile, I've been on this road for too long, for awhile
Believing every single thing that was told,
Till then my trust was sold.
Following every footstep towards success,
Then falling apart into a big mess.
I feel nothing but stress,
It’s nothing more but nothing less.
Another day, that I got to pay,
God for all my sins.
There’s more to me, and what’s under my skin.
For those who can only see me deeply…
I walk alone; I’m on my own,
in this life I live.
Striving towards happiness,
Hoping everything will be at its best.
I don’t want to live life as a test..



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