Proud to be Alone

The prospect of independence,

The idea of alone time,

With no friends around,

I just do my own thing.

Everyday would be a new adventure.

Everyday would be something interesting.

A busy life is not just work.

It can be anything.


It could be...

A trip to Japan... absorb its interesting culture.

A chance to go skydiving... you can bring your dog.

A buffet... try eating four platefuls.

A new show on Netflix... make fun of a documentary.

A new video game... Grand Theft Auto, anyone?

A walk in the park... perhaps with your shirt off.

A crazy public stunt... worth breaking your nuts for.

A dance party... in your bedroom... at three in the morning.

I don't give a care about the world.

I'll just be myself.

If no one is willing to let you off on your own,

Just tell them

"I'm proud to be alone!"


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