Recreation of Euphoria

Mother Earth spreads her children far and wide.

Their existence is well-known by but few.

My discovery the groom; they the bride.

Gentle crystals of white, of red, of blue

Of orange and of colors myriad.

Jade, Sunstone, Amethyst, Aquamarine,

The terra treasures never let one sad.

Moonstone, Bloodstone, Tiger’s Eye and Citrine.

Some grant luck, some energy, others raise

One’s grand traits and instill new attributes.

One’s spirituality is ablaze

With the crystals, the rewards absolute.


Binaural beats programs, apt to alter

One’s mind into a heightened consciousness.

They keep the brain progressing, not falter.

The five brainwaves reign mind in dominance.

Relaxing and creative state, Alpha,

Ruminating and logical Beta,

Slowest and healing during sleep Delta,

Receptive and spiritual Theta

And fastest and enhanced learning Gamma.

Should the beats be a god, perhaps Kama.


This world offers skills not known by many

Who do not see beyond normal living.

The quantity of these techniques plenty

And quality in this grand offering.

To travel beyond the human body

Into the astral plane, non-restricting.

To exists in your dreams you embody

And conscious of the world of riveting.

To activate and utilize the eye

In your head to see what many omit.

To know one who resides in yonder sky

Assisting the physically incarnate.

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