Writing my Prescription


I'm proud of all the effort that I put into my mental well being.

The previous despair that kept me frozen and unseeing

is easily done away with due to my new medication.

I have written my prescription with an all star education.

I avoided drugs. sex, the swag and the popularity.

It only makes my peers end up pregnant, locked up ,and on the run from the law.

As I look back at the wisdom I chose to pursue,I stand in awe.

It's easy. All i needed was to write my own prescription. 

Take two hours of studying and three hours of researching

then add five dashes of God and three scoops of dedication. 

I laugh at with the knowlege that this prescription is so pleasantly addiciting with the only side effect being happiness and winning.

So take your melancholy and your bleak outlook on life.

Go to Dr. Teacher adn get precriptions for good life.


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