Quirky the Turkey


There once was a happy turkey

His name was Mr. Quirky.

He was born in the winter

with neither brother or sister.

It was Christmas Eve night

and Mr. Quirky shook a box with delight.

"I wonder what it could be....

I just know it's for me!'

It turned out it was a bell

So then he started to yell,

"It's mine it's mine it's mine,

Don't anyone touch my bell so fine!"

After the winter came spring

And the bell Mr. Quirky would ring.

The turkey had fun with his toy

Remember, he was still a young boy!

The other animals grew ill,

But Quirky, he could not tell!

After spring came summer,

and, boy, was it a bummer!

All the animals were mad

They wanted their own bells to make them glad.

Finally they found the poor turkey,

And off a cliff they through Mr. Quirky.

He fell into a barn,

and saw a kitten playing with yarn.

Then he looked around,

but his bell would not be found.

In a few short months, it turned fall, 

And Mr. Quirky was as big as a ball!

Thanksgiving was fast approaching,

And the turkey's anxiety was growing.

A farmer came and grabbed Mr. Quirky,

And dragged out the fat, young turkey.

Mr. Quirky had an axe to his head....

And soon enough he was dead!


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