Love Me, For Being Me.


Love me, for me

Love me for being me

Love me for who I am 

Love me for what I do

Love me for being strong

Love me for being bold 

Love me for wanting more out of life than what others say I'll recieve

Love me for having the courage to stand up for what I believe In

Love me for speaking my mind

Love me for being scared of failure and the monsters under my bed

Love me for smiling even when I'm having a terrible day

Love me for being a individual that can't be replaced

Love me for being the only person I can be 

Don't love me for what I look like

Love me, for being me.

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People are judged based off of what they look like, but the most significant part of an individual is who they are as a person. This poem addresses that idea, the idea of loving someone for their inner beauty and not just praising their aesthetics. Because, although beauty is nice, a person's worth encompasses so much more than their appearance, and as a society we often forget this.

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