Time Will Change


The hour glass flips over as soon as you're born

Time creeps away like nocturnal raccoon

You go about life like a winding staircase

At first you take caution with every landing you reach

Soon your baby teeth are out and replaced

Your friends become people who come and go like waves

The days drag on like the hour hand on the clock as if you are waiting to get out of school on a Friday afternoon

Some days your smile radiates like the flowers depended on it to grow

Other days you feel as empty as the home you cherished as a child

You check your watch and you have been graduated for years

The marathon you are running is coming close to the end

The years pass by you like the summer turns to autumn

Maintaining positivity is as easy as trying to fly

You worry that your glass parts will shatter

A pain that cuts deeper than knives

When the sand runs down the glass as if it were running from a monster

Hold time close in your hand like a child trying to break free from it's mother in a department store

Do not let change weigh you down as if there were stones in your pockets

So when the last grain of sand hits the bottom like the first snow of the winter

You can flip over the hourglass back over




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