These Eyes

From a young age you were told you will be great.
From a young age you were told that you have an amazing Fate.
From a young age you are already given a role to play.

Yet from that same age no one ever thought to stop and say "Hey."
Never given the chance to figure out who you really are.
Never given the chance to fail or to see where your limits are.

So as the years go by your eyes turn dim
Color and sound erase itself until you are living a black and white film.
Then one day you find a light.
And you reach out to grab it because it feels right.
But the light shines with poisonous rays.
Now you're back to living in a haze.

No one cares about the real you.
So why should you fight to find what is true?
Why try to be open and share?
When all you are given is just blank stares.
Your eyes are a window to your heart
And the ones you once called friend have poked them out with lead based darts.
So you shun out the world and live a lie.
That is the only way to see this cursed life go by.

Now you have closed your eyes to block your heart.
Now no one can see the hurt in this dark.
But what do they care this is what they want.
Someone play the role from the start.

The day comes to an end and you lay down to dream.
There is a voice soft and gentle asking you to listen to them sing.
And the song they sing is one that makes you smile.
Once finished they come behind tickling you until you are laughing out loud.
They then settle down and ask you all about the things you like to do.
The things no one thought to be actually you.
They never assumed at who you are
But listened and replied slowly making you feel closer than a far.

Then the alarm goes off and you open your eyes.
And you again see the color of the sky.
The dream gives you hope that one will come.
One that will out shine the world and warm you like the sun.
But until then these eyes will for now be closed
This my secret and now you know.


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