The season of many new changes

Autumn reveals what everyone is.

Leaves cover the ground as people

put on a fake personna to hide what's underneath.

This is my life, beautiful, happy on outside but confused

on the inside.

I remind myself of a leaf-filled pond

On the surface clear, graceful, beauy, but 

deep in the waters are filled with leaves of confusion.

I wish i was a clear spring of water, clear all the way

to the bottom, nothing flawed but the sweet,calm ripples

that travel across the waters. Like the water my life also has many 

ripples caused by outside forces. One day these forces won't 

stop me from becoming the clear spring I wish to become.

I too will see the beauty deep within and on the surface as others do.

I will not let autumn become my personna, I will be happy-go-lucky

that spring demands of me. And rejoice with my choice to be me and not let 

outside forces fill my spring with leaves of doubt and confusion.


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