Wizard of Odds

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 21:04 -- baty


United States
40° 39' 33.9732" N, 75° 23' 58.2324" W

Guillotines and personalities
I'm condemned to commit to the same fate as the Hydra.
One face down and yet two more rear
Oh how they argue
the stress of the norm,
to conform,
is too much for them to bear.
If you haven't noticed,
I'm not the same person as I was Monday,
or yesterday,
or 20 minutes ago.
I am made of different faces,
each expressing different phases,
to such an extent that
the moon grows envious as
her time passes too.
These masks keep fading
I'm fighting to cease changing
So I may understand
one day,
the face that best suits.


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