Their Worst Nightmare

She’s a nightmare dressed like a daydream

stuck on the outside of the world.

She’s never enough for herself-much less the insiders.

The words she speaks are formulated days in advance, rehearsed, edited, scrapped.

She knows not who she is.


She’s scared of the future- just a ticking time bomb.

Judgments from people who know her not Control Her.

The life she lives she cannot claim- it is not hers

she just plays the game.

Insiders say she is “not nice”-

But who are they to slay dreams and restrain her?

They tell the girl to learn how to be “modest, humble and kind” but fail

to realize the hell that she has been through and that

she is trying.

Apparently trying is not adequate, and neither is her life.

10000 eyes, 12008 if you count many of their four, stare her down daily,


Every step she makes must be in line, her chin up, and only moving forward,


She screams in agony over matters insiders care not to know,


The girl makes one wrong move and all hell breaks loose.


The fire in her eyes has yet to be extinguished,

her step has not been hampered, she has not stumbled.

She is stronger than the insiders, she is their worst nightmare.








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