No Peeking

No peeking

I was born to be an actress,

I was raised to believe that the world is my stage.

I was set up to be the best,

when they put me under that spotlight.

I was taught everything I needed to know,

to succeed in the arts.

I was always told to never let people peek.

and to pay no attention to what was backstage.

I was brought up to know better,

than to let the audience see behind the curtain.

I never understood why.


I was in the the hall waiting for my friend;

so we could go see the wizard of oz: the musical onceagain.

But i couldn't wait much longer,

I decided to peek.

I walked into her room

to come across a teenage girl on the floor,

with bloody wrists and tears streaming down her face.

I was standing there, speechless.

When she turned to me and stated

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."


A year and four months later,

I was walking backstage after my monolouge,

when I encountered my director sitting in a chair,

with a empty pill bottle in one hand and a flask in the other.

I called his name and asked if he was okay,

to recieve what I believed to be a bullshit answer.

He said, "Didn't they tell you to never pay attention to what happens behind the curtain"


It was Novemeber 20th,

I was late to my show because I was throwing up my last meal and adding to the scars on my hips.

When someone knocked at my dressing room door,

I gathered myself and walked out.

to see a young girl standing there,

with a program in her hand and happiness in her eyes.

She simply asked how to become a better actress.

I answered the only way I knew how,

"No peeking backstage and if one day, you get curious, always remember to never pay attention to the man behind the curtain."


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