Sat, 11/29/2014 - 23:24 -- Ivy


United States
40° 1' 59.106" N, 74° 53' 8.8764" W
What is right?
What is wrong? 
I don't know. No answers. 
You do. Your knowledge, powerful.
Now, I know me. You know the surface of me. 
I too can obtain knowledge. 
I have a mind.
A voice. 
I want to break the route your footsteps created. 
Roads can be made with my prints. 
My paths.
I. Capable to do what you can. Will do. 
I am scared of you. 
Yet, I respect you.
"Disappointment" must not happen in our relationship.
You love me.
I love you. 
But I can no longer follow you.
I need to break free. 
It is time for me to be, me. 


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