This Thing Is Called Music


This thing that makes me smile 

Something about it  

Makes my heart beat for miles  

They say my eyes lit  

When the bass dropped down under  

When the piano rang  

When the beat was like thunder

 I just went and sang  

Like it would last forever  

But is never does 

To me, it's like a shelter  

Sometimes it's like fuzz  

Soft and made for a lover  

Other times it's rough 

 Where it's loud, heavy, and hard 

Mainly for the tough  

Though you should not just bombard  

When creating it

You must become one with it

Love and cherish it

Be sensitive towards it

When creating it

You shouldn’t be selfish, now

You should preform it

Once done, go on, take a bow

You’ll see that no one will sit

For this work of art

Is bound to make anyone

Want to create it

This thing that makes me happy

Is what makes the world

A much happier planet

During its presence

You see smiles and laughter

Tears of sadness or of joy

You feel emotion

It makes you open your eyes.

It can tell stories

It can express your feelings

This thing lives in hearts

That have been hurt and torn

That have lived life

This thing that makes me happy

Will take me so far

This thing that makes me happy

Is the best, by far.


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