I got to be tough on the outside to stay alive

Because this world is cruel and full of lies

One small slip and I could be devoured alive

I got to be tough on the outside but that’s also my lie

I only do it so I can survive

This world is cruel to those who are weak

Got to be strong not bleak

I have to hide behind dangerous eyes

So that I won’t be eaten alive

I act like the predator though I’m sure I’m the prey

Or at least I was back in the day

But I learned the hard way

The facts of the days

On the inside I cry for an escape from this fate

Yet I know it can’t happen in this day and age

I am not the victim or any one’s prey

I act tough on the outside, oh what a lie

I’m trapped behind a curtain

Haunted by the past

I want to step out into the light

But I’m scared of the things I might find

I don’t want to be hurt like I did that day

I got stabbed in the back more then once that day

The memories caused me to hide away

Be tough on the outside

Don’t show you’re afraid

The lies and the spites almost killed me that day

But I learned to be strong how to hide away

Yet I want to escape the dark of my fate

The curtain that hides me, I want it to melt away

I’m not mean, tough, or rude

I’m funny, and caring, and at times really good

But the lies of the day forced me to hide away

The weak get eaten alive everyday

The curtain is my haven that I hide behind

So that I won’t end up getting eaten alive

I’m tough on the outside when I hit center stage

But that is my lie that lets me hide away

I’ll pull back this curtain for sure one day

When the wrongs of the time surely end up fading away

For now I shall hide behind the curtain today

Cause dinner times coming and I’m nobody’s prey


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