On the Importance of Painted Fences


I told you about my soul today and 

I thought it was very funny because if

you replace one

Letter to becomes soil and I

think that's wonderful.


What's wonderful? You ask. Well the


Of being interconnected with

everything, the thought

Having your words woven

Into my roots is sublime.


There is lemonade on the rickety

Fences you finally started to paint with

Anger in every stroke. I pick up

the cans and throw them in the air.


The year is 2011 and I finally have found you,

And it is simply glorious. The reds of your hair

Combined with the brown dirt on your hands...


Paint finally falls down

next to our intertwined fingers.

We are both the same yet...


The year is 2011 and I finally have lost you,

And it is simply unsettling. The shadows of your pillow

Keep me awake at night with my howling heart.


Different since we wear different

Shoes to different jobs. But our

Differences make me the happiest

I've ever been. You're the one who can

Stand painting stupid fences and put me to



I do not own the photo.




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