Thu, 11/27/2014 - 21:35 -- Aweah


28° 33' 4.8996" N, 77° 12' 7.704" E

Paths chosen

Certificates received

Decisions made


Here it goes, make it work

It’s hard but so what?

Work hard and it’s fine

Try harder, be smarter, understand

Don’t give up, make it work

This is the path, the way out


It’s not working, it’s too much

It must compute, but it doesn’t

No way to make it go through

No understanding


Not smart enough, not strong enough


The road ends, no way through the wall

The thick wall of thorns made of broken connections never to be made

The light in the distance obscured


A journey begun but hopes delayed


She didn’t have it in her

What to do now?


Paths chosen

Decisions made


What about this way?

Is there a way through?

It’s blurry, is that a light?

Is the path unobscured?


A journey begun, please let the hopes remain


What if it happens again?

What if it’s wrong?

What if the abilities once had are gone?

What if there is no calling out there for some?

What if some will never be done

Done looking for a place to belong in this life


A girl finds her path; she has all that she wants

 A family behind her and a person to love

Paths chosen

Decisions made

Happiness found



Where were her troubles, did it all come so easy?

Did she hide the confusion, the anxiety?

Is it so easy to find happiness?

What’s the trick, can she tell?

Share with the class, we’re dying to know

What’s the secret for paths chosen correctly and decisions made well?


Weights crushing down

So scared

So alone


How can this be right when the fear is still around?

Is there no way no know until it’s here or it’s gone?

How to find a path, find happiness


Go to school, find a job, make a choice, grow up, pull it together, make money, be happy, be strong

Be sure

Sure of decisions forced out of a young heart


No world experience

No idea of a life


A life of responsibility, demands, and expectations

Overwhelming choices to one used to rules rules rules


But once paths are chosen

Decisions are made

That’s that, right?

Now it’s done


But what if it’s wrong, what if paths were dead ends?

The decisions were bad

There’s nowhere left to go, backtrack, try again

The same anxiety, the same fear of not knowing

Only multiplied tenfold

It was wrong before so there’s really no way to know

But paths have to be chosen

Decisions must be made


All I can think is please find me

I’m lost


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