Mighty or Minion.


Mighty or Minion
By Mary Nguyen
The leaves were falling, time was ticking
a little girl sat under a tree
from her eyes, teardrops were d
She dared not look, the others might see.
But from, God's gift, her peripheral vision,
groups of children cluttered and whispered. 
Their mouths spout merciless, cursed opinions. 
Such cold and heartless curses, this little girl shivered.
She whispered," Applaud, you're someone else's minion."
Snow was falling, time was ticking
a girl stood in front of a mirror
from her face, make-up was d
She dared not look at her "horrible" figure. 
In her hand, she held a razor,
thinking of the expectations of others.
Overwhelmed, she felt hope waver 
no matter what she did,
just one word
would make her feel so stupid.
The snow was melting, time was ticking,
A girl sat under a tree. 
From her mind, thoughts were bleeding, 
of all the things she could be.
The cloudy sky covered the sun.
Suddenly, she felt so cold.
She realized, to make the Earth warm, 
the sun has to be bold. 
No matter what the storm cloud,
or discouragement she may feel,
if of herself, she is proud, 
then in place of a razor, is a shield of steel. 
This girl stood tall,
as the clouds opened up,
determined never again to fall. 
She began to live for herself,
fighting through it all.
The sun is shining, time is ticking. 
A woman sits in an auditorium.
On her face, no tears are dripping. 
That had been the past she'd gone away from.
They called her name and proudly she rose,
all eyes of respect upon her.
This moment as she crossed the stage, in her heart forever it froze. 
So glad she was that she survived through all the disasters and bad weather.
Even then, she didn't mind if anyone had cruel opinions.
She knew she was successful,
To herself, she whispered, "Applaud, you are now all my minions."


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