Death By Mine Own Hand

I am a sickness

I am a sickness that will never leave you

I am at the back of your mind

I will cause you sleepless nights

I am just a mistake away

I am what will give you ease

Just sleep with me and you will see

I am a sickness

Don't you see?

I am your only friend

I'll be with you until the end

Just one slit

Or maybe two

One at your wrist

Another at your neck

You didn't know it to be a bloody mess?

Just sit back

And watch me work

I garentee this won't hurt

Don't you worry

No one cares



I may have lied 

For I am a sickness

Just a Disease

I poisoned you

and now you are mine

Just give it a little time

You want to go back?

Oh no

you signed a contract with me

See death is final

Its just you and me



You didn't know?

But yes you did!

Like you said

"you couldn't deal with life ahead"

I am your sickness

I am your disease!

I am the saddness you caused all those souls

And just so you know

I'm in your sister too!

Don't you know?

She now struggles with me too!



I am appauled

that was rude to say!

I am no liar

You knew the rules

One trip with me

And you flew the coop



I am done here

I'll leave you be

You are not something I can be

Move on and leave me alone!

It was your fault not mine

I just gave life to the ideas you had in mind.

so, so long! 

I am gone

I cannot follow you once our contract is done.


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