Beauty Is In The Air


Walk with confidence

Talk with purpose

Dress with class

Speak with sass

Let there be beauty in your air


Be one who leaves them with wonder

See who you want to be

Line your lips

Sway your hips

Let there be beauty in your air


Hear and take it with a grain of salt

Fear no one who can cry

Please yourself, not just your man

Do want you want, not just what you can

Let there be beauty in your air


Strive to be a hero for your younger self

Live to be the woman you dreamt of being

I love me

All I see

And that beauty is in my air


Sweat like a pig, look like a fox

Sweet like tea, sour like lemons

Smiling every day

Happy in every way

I let the beauty be in my air


I have flaws but do not care

Imperfection adds flare

Confidence is what I share

Sparkle in the eye, shine in the hair

The beauty is in the air


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