Always Feels Like Home

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 03:51 -- Tomato


In a silent night,

In front of the cold computer's screen,

"I'm tired, mom," I cried,

"I wanna go home."


Whenever I see a movie,

Which a friend, a dad, a wife, a teacher,

Comes to cheer their beloved ones,

Gently whispering, "You're not okay,

No worries. I'll always support you,

No matter what happen. Always."

I desperately want you come to me,
Lean on me,
Hug me,
Love me,
Cherish me,
Say some chessy stories, to me.
Care about me,
Like I always do,
Only to you.
Who cares?
"I'm tired.
I wanna go home."

I don't like that city.

No! I hate that city.

I hate those gloomy people.

I wanna come back,

To where I can live peacefully with my beloved one.

Let me go home, please, mom.




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