Only 18

Wed, 11/12/2014 - 19:39 -- Vic90s

Only 18

You were only 18. Young with your whole life ahead of you

Ready to live your life and actually do it right

Ready for college AND you had the potential

Ready to live and be free Ready to live your dreams and be

We were close

I loved you like a brother and you protected me like a sister

They say the good die young that’s the truth WHY you were killed in your youth

You were only 18. My friend, my brother

You were only 18. Like no other

ONLY 18! WHY? Why so soon… 2 days before mother’s day

4 days before your brother birthday and 17 before mine- what a gift.!

You were only 18, Mike shot and killed like it was NOTHING!

HE was only 18…

But why? What makes young people so angry

What makes them want to kill

HE was ONLY 18 how can your LITTLE mind be so destructive

WHY? WHY did HE… Nathaniel Wilson seek to destroy 2 lives?

You took someone’s life and ended up taking your own in the process.

I prayed they give you life. To be frank about it someone should give you a bullet to the stomach like you did my friend BUT we wont speak on revenge…

Because 16 years is not enough!

Mike will NEVER be able to get his life back

So, why should you get the privilege?

Why should  they give you a chance, nether the less ,

a CHOICE to get your get your life back cause you didn’t give Mike his.

WORDS CAN’T explain the anger I get

Words can’t explain THE HATRED I feel….


HE was only 18 & YOU were only 18


RIP MICHAEL FELKA, I will always MISS you.

-          Victoria Dennis 


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