Why Should I Keep Going?

I'm trapped by society.

A society that works much like a beehive. 

The world follows this unknown queen with lingering questions left upon their lips. 

Our life is a cycle,

a pattern of actions and commands.

We all know that death is what we are following,

but people still struggle for power.

They are looking for value in a world that only has a dead end.

Amongst all that confusion a light can shine brightly. 

We are looking for reason.

A meaning in our beginning or in our end.

When we know that we cannot avoid our end why do we keep running?

In this dark tunnel a single ray can move us an inch more. 

Maybe our reason is to look for value in our life. 

That something that can easily make life worth living. 

It could be the warm embrace of a loved one,

the feeling of accomplishment, 

the rush and excitement of doing somthing new, 

or even the little everyday things that we take for granted.

Life could be a worthless thing so we will give it meaning.

Do not lose hope,

for there is something that keeps us all moving.

We might not have discovered it or understood it yet,

but no one gets up in the morning for nothing.

Even if it is only to see that bright ray of light shining through our window.

So live, open up your wings and be free.

We are only confined by the depths of our imagination,

so see past that dead end that blocks us all. 


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