I Am a Lyricist not a Musician

Fri, 01/23/2015 - 12:33 -- Trae23


I am a lyricist not a musician

I write words that speak to your soul not the heart

It may seem uncertain but the lyrics that I write show the hidden feelings within

As I gaze upon the music scenery with cheer, I sit back and watch all the wonderful faces

Waiting anixiously with promise as the words I sing become a vivid imagry of imagination


An imagination that is filled with music notes, accent marks, and vocals of all range

Sending a message of a man who is singing lyrics to an audience of people who don't know him

Wonder will the perfomance be great or will it be an attempt at a wasted opprotunity

But a lyricist doesn't worry about the voice but the words he speaks


As he lets the lyrics tell the story his voice comes out at an even tone that trancends the audience

Into a quiet rather unsual silence that either awatis an applasue or just a pause not know

wheather to clap or not

As a lyricist and not a muscian I stand on stage singing my heard out to the lyrics that I write 

Astonishingly I finished my song not sure wheather I got the audience captivated but in the end

The audience is tracended in time by my words with cheers of praise and wanting an encore


A lyrcist writes from the heart while a muscian uses his or her voice to move people but both 

Combined is something unimaginable, unimaginable to the point where they know time is

moving with the words and not with the music. 


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