The Working Man

The curtain I hide behind,

Is something you usually don't find.

It is not a hood or a mask,

for it is simply just a simple task.

That task is a mountain I must climb,

to help me get to my goal on time.

For I am a highschool student,

who is in need of some dire rent. 

The rent I need is not for recreation, 

for when I rent myself I don't celebrate in jubilation

I rent myself out at this point in time,

to save up money so I will not have to rhyme.

I am not a poet at heart,

most of the time I would rather deal with a chart.

But with college heading to me at full speed ahead,

I must be very careful where I tread.

For money might come on trees,

But you for sure don't find it in the leaves.

I am the student who you see working, 

For I have no time for twerking.

I must spend my time working at minimum wage, 

So someday I will not be kept in this unrelentless cage.

You see me everyday, 

In every single way.

Whether I am the kid performing community service,

or the kid waiting on you acting very nervous.

For what we do now might effect us in the time to come,

so dealing with alcohol and drugs is just dumb.

I am the working man and this is why I hide,

For I have no other time and I'm just along for the ride.








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