The Book Of Me


Mr. Jolly, Always Happy

Happiest man alive He is never mad, never sad 

He is no ones slave 

But thats not me 

thats what you see 

There is more to my book 

Im like a Hary Potter book over a thousand pages 

Chapter from 1-10

You have only read chapter 1

And you cant handel 2-10

Few have seen 1-5

Yet and still not ready for the other jive 

I'm not just one am 7 

7 ways to act 

7ways to show

7 ways to be myself 

But my book is different you see 

You can't skip Chapters

You can't not see on of the 7 parts of me

Ther cover is a lie 

The true cover is whats inside 

No one takes the time to read my book 

Im like an encyclopedia collecting dust 

There is a timer on my book 


The clock is ticking 

Only a little more time before it closes 

Shutting out my life from the rest of the world

And hiding who i really am

You must earn chapters 2-10

Youi must breathe chapters 2-5 

Only then can these tears start to mend 

They are made by every cross word 

It hurts the most when you know them

The other books that mock me 

Books that are self-determined 

With their well known genres



Romantic Comidies

They all think im a computerhole

Treat me like an istruction book

Casted out and thrown away 

I read them all from cover to cover

But only the Romantic Comedy reads back

One of the few to get to chapter 5

My closest frind of all the other books

I have a rustic cover

A change of treatment

And a reader from time to time

Is the only way to bind me up

To hold my pages together

This is my Legend

This is my Legacy

This is the Book of Me 


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