Mon, 10/27/2014 - 22:55 -- Ali D



It's about the bounce
Of the ball on the court
And the strings
It's about the heat
Of the match
And the moment
It's about the love
Of the game
And the team

It's about the racquet
Spinning in your hand
As it goes
And the ball goes sailing.

It's about the sweat
Dripping down your face
As the score creeps up with a
And the game is won.

It's about the high five
Stinging your hand
As your partner celebrates that
And the deuce point begins.

And it's about the pain
Burning your lungs
As it's love-forty and you
And miss, and lose the match.

It's about the team
And it's about the game
It's about that drive
And it's about the strength
It's about passion, cooperation
Hope, power, and unity
It's about a chin held high
And it's about that one point,
Every time.

And when it boils right down to it,
It's about love,
Love of the sport,
Love of the players,
Love of the neon ball
It's about love
Even when it's your score.


Ali D


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