Placed upon a pedestal

to be adored and praised,

to be admired by all

(Is this where I belong?)


I stand perfect and bright,

never make a mistake:

I am always right.

(I don’t know what to do.)


Would you still want me

if you knew the person

I know myself to be?

(How could I tell you the truth?)


Would you hate what you see,

if you found me selfish, vain,

insecure, or petty?

(Please don’t leave.  I’m scared.)


Perched on my pedestal,

teetering on the edge,

I’m about to fall.

(I’m afraid of heights.)


This mask begins to crack.

I try to keep it from breaking,

but I can’t get it together.

(I don’t know who to be.)


Tell me it’ll be okay,

that no matter what,

you’ll want me anyway.

(Please save me.)


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