Write 'n Wrong

Sat, 11/22/2014 - 23:14 -- 1001635

You want me to sing you a song, but I'll write you a rhythm

getting right down to what is within

and I and only I cannot deny these demons inside

controlling my mind

where right and wrong becomes a blurred line

this aint a reality tv show, to put morals aside

right and wrong it's all the same, that's a lie

you keep saying that you know the real me

but it's only who you really want me to be

I chain myself down to this fasting from sin

so my soul will be everlasting with Him

brothers and sisters in Christ, oh my!

only to set us apart and deny

deny the sin we must concur within

but it feels so good you see, to see the suffering

of my enemies

but when I am my own enemy it's hard to be ashamed

I must face the shame and reject the fame

even if I'm not to blame, you see

human nature, my sin was inside of me

from the start, from the very first breath

all that will cure me is my very own death

so don't let these feelings sit, because I'm sick of it

so listen to this rhythm that I've written you

and pray that this sin isn't inside you too


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