I'm Ready- A poem about myself


Frankly, I'm a little depressed

The world stays at rest

All while my mind races to places that don't exist


Like a place where misogyny

Doesn't disguise itself as equality

By telling me that in order to be a successful woman

I have to act like a man


Maybe it's because I'm scared of my own body

I'm not even 17 yet

And I'm a whore


Not by the amount of people that I've slept with

But by the amount of inches

That are missing from the bottom halves of my shirts


I like to show my belly button

And if that's too provocative for you

Let me tell you this:

It gets lint in it sometimes and it does this weird innie outtie thing

So don't waste your time trying to sexualize it


I'm a woman. Yes! I'm a woman

And the only time that I ever felt a part of something

Is when I read on the Internet

That all women are scared of rape



And maybe that's why I can't be myself

It's because I have to prove that I'm respectable first

And half the time people don't even give me the chance to show it


But please, let's focus on the real problems ladies

Collar bones and thigh gaps

I'll give you a gap

The amount of money men make vs. women

I'll give you a gap

The amount of lives that aren't here today

Due to suicide


That's an unfillable gap


Women, let's empower each other

Instead of slut shaming

Let's bring each other up

Instead of knocking each other down


Because that's who we really have

Each other


I know that this is supposed to be about who I am

But I feel like I can't even show who I am

So I have decided to show who people think I am


I'm Sofia Rodriguez

I'm 5'2"

Or the height that people think it's okay

To make my head Into their elbow rest


I weigh like 2 pounds

And I am way too skinny


I'm a girl but boys aren't attracted to me

So I think I might not be a girl

Because I have values and stuff


I'm from Cuba or Mexico

Or something

Oh Colombia! Yes, I'm from Colombia

Which means that I am a drug dealer


I wear way too much makeup

And when I don't I'm sick so...


I don't show my faith publicly

So therefore I worship the devil

Every Monday or whenever devil worshipers do that


That's me

And if that's not good enough for you

I suggest you give me different shoes to fill in

Because I'm ready to show the world who I really am

I'm ready to show the world That I can be more

I'm ready


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