Everyone has a suicide.

I keep mine buried inside. 

I don't want you to feel the same.

You are beautiful.

You are special.

You are what keeps me alive.

These scars keep me from cutting.

Once they fade I will make more.

Tell me your story. 

I will carve it and keep it close.

I care.

I will REMEMBER you.

I will make your story my life. 

Make it easier for you.

My time is timelous.

This love is lovelous.

Your smile is worthless?

No, its my light.

So let it shine bright.

Lead me away from this darkness.

Don't give me your sympathy.

Show me your happiness.

Show me what makes you happy.

Show that no matter what, life is worth it. 

I will be your suicidal note. 

I will isten to you.

I will keep you safe.

If you want to hurt someone hurt me.

I will take this pain off of you.

The silent tears at night

I will shed them for you,

I will be your friend.

I will mend your heart.

I will hold this insanity for you.

Give me your pain.

You will no longer have this shame.

Talk to me 

I will keep your secrets.

See I'm SURROUNDED by suicidals.

I see their pain.

Sometimes I say they don't need me.

I ask what if I wasn't here any longer?

You don't need me.

But I know you do. 

So I stick around for you.

Never say I don't know what it feels like.


I do know.

I feel it always.

My suicidal note won't be written.

And maybe with my help, yours won't be either.

Trust this lovelous time.

I will show you love.

For the doves will fly

And so will you. 



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