Behind the Curtain


Here I stand in my late teens

Behind the curtain of responsibilities.

And all that's there is an empty shell

Doing whatever is expected of me.


I look around and see a world that needs

A person to step up and lead.

I want to lead but will not dare

Because of all the things I think I cannot be:


I cannot speak well in the public eye, of that my fear is big.

I'm afraid of exposing my past in the light. If so, my grave I dig.


I pray to God, "Lord, how can I lead others in this world?

My past is dark and I play the part of sinner, that banner is unfurled.


He answers me, "Don't worry about your past for it is gone!

It has drowned in the sea of my forgetfulness.

It is gone as far as the east is from the west."


I hear His voice and heed His Word.

His strength I take to heart.

I WILL step up and lead.

This curtain tear apart. 


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