Who is the real me?


I am a triplet

And yes, it can be hard, you bet

My brothers and I are the three musketeers

So it can be hard connecting with my peers

Multiples are always together

No matter the weather


I am really shy because of this

And sometimes I just want to punch a wall with my fist

Out of frustration,

So I can a vacation

Out of this hell

And become well


At school I used to think people wouldn't like me,

So I didn't talk much and people let me be,

But in the last couple years

I've beat my fears

And the real me is coming out more

And my friends at school are seeing me for all that I am for

The sarcastic, funny girl,

Not just the quiet girl, who surprises people when she speaks, giving the World a whirl


When I was a kid

I thought I didn't need any friends because I already had my brothers, so I Covered my heart with a box, and sealed the lid,

But now that I've branched out more, and college is in sight

I am really going to miss the light

That my brothers showed me to get out of numerous, dark, tunnels,

But I know that whatever happens, and wherever I am, I will always be able to Count on them to help me get my troubles pummeled




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