Silent War


Looking at my face
You'd never know
In my life
A war grows
On the outside
I`m filled with life
On the inside
I`m dying
Not from sorrow
Not from strife
Literally I fight
To live my life
Each day
A chain
Holds me down
To my bed
A chain so heavy
It makes my whole body weak
I can barely lift my head
This chain
I don't let hold me down
I fight to break free
Til I can get out
Then lead fills my body
Weighing me down
As I walk through my house
I don't give in
I refuse to fall
Through the rest of the day
The rest of my life
I fight
I fight to survive
To live my life
Not be tied to a bed
Not let my illness
Get to my head
And most of all
Use the strength in me
to not let anyone see
The silent war
Going on with me


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