I've Got My Armour, Time to Prepare For Battle

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 17:22 -- ALT333

Senior year:

The year of heavy-body, tear inducing stress.

The year of supposed fun that nobody has.

The year of being top dog over nothing.


Is that all I have to look forward to?

Is that what my senior year will truly be?

Most likely…


And I cannot change that,

My stress will pile upon my shoulders

Until my ability to walk

Is so impeded

I fall to the ground in agony.


But I will always need to pick myself up

And I know I can do that

I have done so many times before.


But how?

From where will my shining, saving light spread?

That question has always had one answer:




Books, video games, creation…

The world of unreality

Has always been my saviour.


If I can keep my mind busy,

If I can keep myself from thinking too much,

I can keep getting back on my feet.

I can keep myself from falling.


So I will fall in love once more with my unrealities

My hands will turn to paws as I hunt for my clan.

I will traverse the twisted path on both sides of the law.

Magic will burst from my fingertips,

And I will paint the world with my tail.


I will adventure through worlds for the memories of my beloved.

I will be an annoying, adorable robot with a job to do.

My guns will blaze with fiery lasers,

And my sword will swing into my enemies’ chests.


I will transfer my emotions to paper.

I will allow myself to bleed onto the page.


The depression will descend upon me

Armed with teeth of stress

And claws of anxiety

But I will fight.


I will fight by escaping,

By entering a world opposite of reality.

I will save myself.


With every accomplishment

With every book finished, game beat, or word written

Pride will fill me

Happiness will forge a smile on my face


A smile of fearsome loathing

For that depression which fights to keep me down

A smile filled with growls and battle-cries

For I will not let that depression win


I will keep myself afloat among fantasy and adventure

I will keep myself above through the release

That I call poetry

I will not allow Stress

Or Depression

To beat me


I will win.

Through unreality.

Through happiness.

Through art.


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