The Beauty of Me



For the longest time I hid.


I hid from the judgment


 I hid from getting hurt


But most of all I hid to keep myself safe.


Being born with one arm is what makes me unique.


I’ve always been shy and not so much social.


The reason why is because of peoples rude judgment.


I never understood why people were so mean.


At times I felt lost. I felt alone.


With friends and family I’m my crazy happy self.


When I’m with strangers I’m quiet, friendly and keep to myself.


When it comes to expressing myself, I’m not that good at it.


It’s hard for me to say what I feel or how I feel.  


I’ve always hid. But come to realize it isn’t good hiding behind things.


When you hide behind things you’re in the dark.


Never seeing what the world has to offer.


When we hide, we never see all the new and exciting things.


We put up a wall between ourselves. At least that’s what I did.


The wall is there to protect me form getting injured.


It keeps me safe.


 I realize that no matter what I do, in some way I get knocked down.


But there’s no need for negativity only positivity.


Things in life will continue to get difficult.


But it’s a challenge to see if we are strong enough to keep on fighting.


And for me I will keep on fighting.


I won’t let anyone hold me down.


For so long I’ve been afraid to put myself out there.


 I was always worried about disappointing others.


But as I get older I realize I shouldn’t try so hard to please everyone.


I should be myself. I shouldn’t hide behind anything.


I shouldn’t worry about others opinions of what they think of me.


 I need to focus more on what makes me happy.


I need to focus more on my future.


I shouldn’t worry about the little things. Like others opinions.


These things shouldn’t hold me back. But at times they still do.


I have my good days and bad days. Just like everyone else.


But I try to make every day a good day.


I’m the type of person who always sees the positive over the negative.


I try not to feed off of others negativity they might carry around.


I am me and won’t let anyone change anything about who I am.


I am more myself today than when I was younger.


I’ve learned to be my whole true self.


I’ve learned to step away from behind the curtain and to show everyone who I am.


If they don’t like who I am then that’s fine.


I like myself for who I am and no one will ever change that.


That’s what really matters.                                                                                                                                                                                                       


 Everyone should love themselves


That’s the beauty of me.




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