Soul Eater

Thu, 11/27/2014 - 20:27 -- mady916


In the dark of the night, a little girl sat upon a swing

Wondering when someone would want to hear her sing

She sat in the dark, her heart open wide

And all of a sudden began to cry

No fun, no friends, no family to care

She realized how alone she was sitting there

A kind gentle heart was all that she bared

That sweet little girl was lonely and scared

A few years went by and that sweet little girl.

Had been gnawned and impaled by the cold hardened world

Now she sits on that swing all cold and withdrawn

The old self she knew was almost all gone

She watched the sun set and she sang out once more

"This life could`ve been great but I can`t try anymore"

Looking into the darkness, this sweet little girl

Let society change her and shake up her world

This sweet little girl resides within me

I know that she is who i wish again to be

So let the sun come down, drown your sorrows away

Before the moon comes in the darkness

And reclaims your soul for all eternity

Let the sun be bright as it always should be

For when the moon comes again i will take it with me

Society can hurt a little girls heart

And make her believe she wasn`t worth it from the start

There`s a sheild and a mask, never to be unveiled

In society no love or kindess will ever prevail

Every night in the darkness that broken girl screams

Is there hope for tomorrow? is normal all it seems?

Your body and heart are not yours anymore

Without a sheild a mask a sweet little girl








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