A Musicians Dream


I started early, not knowing what to do.

I chose the flute so I could whistle

They thought I wouldn't seek it through

They told me I would quit, like a cat on a thistle


My director didn't like me much

He said my sound was just a touch

He said I wasn't good at all

So I would go home and ball


I moved away to a new town

I started to play Charlie Brown

My teacher didn't like that much

He said that it was just a touch


I was told I needed something new

I didn't listen, it wasn't true

Even though they pulled me down

I never showed a musical frown


I moved away once again

I was one of many women

She was one of many too

We got along, I saw it through


I was musically accepted


Now, here I am today.

Eight years later I should say.

I play my instrument so well

I'm now first chair, only she can tell.


I'm out of school soon.

Then I can play a new tune.

In my future of music

Where my life will tick


Only time will tell.

A musicians bell.

Is it worth it or not

I'm not sure


I'm finally accepted

My time has come

It's my turn now

My Musicians dream has just begun.


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