The Show


Behind the curtain is a show worth watching but 

will it be like. Different, weird, and out of the box.

Show full of hope and love for the world. 

Love for nature, peace and animals has a hippy flow to it.

Lot of music and singing, although the singing might not be pleasing.

The show may cause smiles and gigles due to the goofiness and awkardness.

You might catch some old school traits, the way of thing and how 

she describes fun might be old school. A show where moral, family, and self recspet

is imporant.

But there are always doubts on how good the show may be.

How will it be viewed by others. Judged?

The thought of not being accepted, even though you are your true self.

The show behind the curatin so different, its creativeness is not seen.

So weird it just not as seen as right.

So different it is made fun of and hated. Or seen as trying to hard when it is not 

the case. 

In pulling the curtain my hands weaken.

What the point, there are people who are not worth of even seeing this one of kind show 

For this one of kind show to be shut down I think not. 

We'll just keep this show on script.



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