How to do Your Makeup

Mon, 11/10/2014 - 20:59 -- mwtkns


People claim that concealer and mascara hide your true face,

as if creams and powders change you who are inside

I’m here today to show how to do your makeup.


Step one


Soften up those inner demons

remind yourself to be soft and kind to everyone

and that bad days still only have 24 hours in them

Apply foundation that matches your skin and your happy thoughts



Step two

With a concealer a shade lighter than your skin,

cover the darkness under your eyes

caused by sleepless nights without him

without peace,

without any idea of what the future holds


Then, use a fluffy brush

to apply a lovely blush

in a color like the light in your soul


Step three

Close your eyes

Close them against self doubt, against does he love me, against do I have enough money,

and sparkle


Match your eyeshadow to your mood

Add glitter to catch the sunlight and bring it into your head and your heart


Line your eyes to match the warrior you hold within you

You are Strong

You are Fierce

You are Anything


Step four

Add light where you want to shine

Add shadows where you want mystery


Step five

Look in the mirror

Look at what you did, at what you created

You are

smart, beautiful, adorable, delicate, a warrior and a fighter of getting out of bed and mean teachers and lost keys and everything else that tries to put you six feet under

without your consent


Look in the mirror and realize that you have the power.

You are the only one with control over you.


Makeup tells the world who are you and who you can be.

Use it to be you.


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