I am an Introvert

Wed, 11/05/2014 - 17:10 -- eli1296




and withdrawn,

is what I am.

Hide behind books,


and comfort of home.


My mind is scarred,

full of death,


and anxiety.


Why should I not hide?

Why should I not be alone?

Why can’t I sit behind closed walls?


People have left,

people have hurt,

people do not understand.


They won’t understand,

think I am to be of worry,

they think it is all a show,

but would I really want to be

hurt like this?


Talking up a storm in my mind,

but quiet is what is given.

Outgoing is what I think,

but am told otherwise.

Wanting to learn and meet people,

but the past holds me back.

Will I ever open the curtain?


It is not me...I think,

but others, they have wrecked it.

Why not live life in comfort,

and pain free?

Why be on top of the world?

It brings pain and fame,

but are they really worth it?




and withdrawn,

is what I am.

That is who I will be,

I may never open up,

or maybe I will soon.

For now the curtain will remain closed.

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