The Ugly Twin


The fog of my breath leaves a whimper in the air

The days merge to weeks as I wait to be found

Bound by the restraints of my condescending mind

My patience and hope sinks in a drain of my despair

As I can hardly bare, can anyone see me?

I am the one less profound, how can I compare?

To the beauty of her golden plated crown

I hide as I am drowned

By the sorrow of my face

That decided my forsaken fate

Now I must feed on the demeaning comparisons 

Of my bewitching sister

My dreams ruined by my revenge for her lace

Keeping my eyes bloodshot and conscious up late

Anyone who risks seeking me is now in danger

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You are much more you are your own person you have your own true values insode and out .Don't let anything make you feel other wise your more then a sister but yourself and be proud and have confidence in who you are .I enjoyed my read continue to write 

**Please check out my poetry when  you have a chance and hopefully my words inspire you


Thank you very much! Ofcourse I will check your poetry!


  • Thank you so much 

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