Only Human

Sun, 11/02/2014 - 15:12 -- MaeJ

A human has two hands

Made to explore the land

And touch all that is grand

Shaping the world into a dream


A human has two legs

That bears the weight

Of a body and soul

Moving to change a life


A human has two ears

That yearns to listen

To all the melodies

Which consume the air around


A human has two eyes

Striving to see deep

Underneath the ever changing masks 

Beholds a vision


A human has one mind

That binds the body and soul

Creates order in chaos

That is the last to leave the world


A human has one heart

Bearing the weight of life

One that beats for others

Holds time to its own measure


A human is only a human

But each human adds up like no other

Why be only a human

When each twist and shout


Makes all of us worth standing out



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