Let's Pretend

Sat, 11/01/2014 - 00:10 -- learn37

Let’s play pretend


Let’s pretend we’re explorers, roaming through uncharted territories, undiscovered scars

Let’s explore the gold mines and the deserted islands, all the places abandoned by the heartless and find what we’ve always hoped to find:




Let’s explore each other


Let’s be partners in crime, stealing kisses, impacts, moments

Murder one another’s misery

And bury it—

Where no one can ever dig it back up or do us harm

Let’s free each other from our prisons


Let’s play house, nurturing each other’s heartaches,

Feeding our desires,

Living in each other—through each other

I’ll be your roof, to shelter you from the storm

And you’ll be my windows, to see the world clearly from the comfort of our bedroom

Let’s exist inside these walls and raise hope like we would children


Let’s play pirate, searching for hidden treasures, buried treasures

Look out at the vastness of the ocean! We’ll travel wherever we damn well please!

We’ll travel through these choppy waters,

Find the X within our dreams

Scavenge through these parts we hoped to hide,

Find riches of a different kind

Let’s raid each other’s memory until the future is all we have left


Let’s be playmates in this never-ending game

Let’s rejoice in our never-ending attempts and triumphs

Let’s pretend we have the rest of our lives to try


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