The word scares me

I try to avoid it

I don't say that I am


It scares me

Am I suicudal

I avoid the pain

I skip over it

Like skiping over a soundtrack

My mom does not know

I am glad she does not know

I'm scared what she would think

I'm scared 

I don't want to be like this

I cry as I slowly pull back the razer

It pierces my skin

It leaves scars

Some of them hurt

Some don't

Some stay with you forever

Some disappear

Some are deeper than they appear

The wounds sometimes are not on the body

They are where the battle starts

In the head

My head is going crazy

My inner demons

They have come back

They creeped up from my pain

They want to win this war

In my mind

I think they might win

I need help

I don't want them to win

My demons are back

And they are winning

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I love it, I feel the same way.

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