Behind the Curtain

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 21:13 -- gab759



That's who I am

scared of what lurks on the outside, while I am behind the curtain

waiting for the right moment to jump out and escape.


Fearful of the judgements made,

words uttered by outsiders

concepts created by friends.



behind the curtain is where I must stay.


Peeking my nose out,

wanting to make an apperance in the world,

to show my true self.


I am like a light

hidden to the world so that only I can see;

shining to the one and only me.


Yet I break free

and show them, the outsiders, who I am

who I was made to be.

Set free like a dove

to show them all my abilities.


I am not hidden.

Behind the curtain and now set free,

this is the real me.

A light that will shine on forever.




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