Layers of Curtains


I hide behind many curtains

along with anyone I've ever known

its a paradox in the sense that we are all hiding who we are

from people who are hiding who they are

I never felt like one person

maybe thats the reason for my need to mask my character 

I wanted people to think I was an entirety of a person

but in reality I am an ever-changing entity

I am constantly understanding new ideas and being challenged with experiences that warp me in divergent directions

with every change leading to the creation of my altering identity

my layers of curtains are peeled down to certain fabrics 

depending on phases in my life and the affect on my methods for pursuing happiness

nobody perceives me in the same manner

so when life dares to dominate and distress 

its satisfying to have total control of some aspect in my world

I will continue to bend and shape through my vulnerability into the unknown

with my drapes serving as protection from problems and judgement

the transitional curtains hold knowledge of every piece of my undone puzzle

which i hope to one day, amply present,

to every soul i encounter

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