I am Black and White in a world of Grey

Everything is fixed, nothing is certain,

Separated only by a curtain,

By a shadow, ready to be whisked away


I am a chess master working with clay,

Every square designed but no color assigned

Except to the pieces aligned

Waiting for a chance to play



And such is every day



If you know the rules of action

You can find a way

To play without direction



I am like a wolf, careful to delay

Letting time foment

Waiting for the right moment

To kill and feast upon my prey.


It is necessary to operate this way

Watching and waiting

Every second debating

If my action will be okay.



Like Justice lives I weigh



I observe

So I can say

If my secrets they deserve



I am a small ship in a calm bay

Not until a red sunset

Lights the safe inlet

Shall I be ready to make way.


And so with resolution I shall stay

Behind my curtain 'til it is certain

That the man behind the other curtain

Is not going to slay

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